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Our Super Fruit Snack Packs are Nutritous,  Everyone will love this great tasting. healthy snack. finally a snack for all ages. Perfect quanitis and great for on the go!

Organic Super Fruit Snack Pack, 12oz

SKU: OLS-02342-1
  • Includes:

    Organic Medjool Dates

    Organic Coconut Date Rolls

    Organic Almond Date Rolls

    Organic Walnuts


    • Certified Organic

    • Vegan

    • non-GMO

    • Gluten Free

    • Sodium Free

    • High in potassium

    • Grown in USA

    • Kosher for Passover

    • Available year-round

    • Family owned and operated

    • Shelf stable and packed in recycle friendly containers

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