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Perfect Pairing
With their sweet taste, Persian cucumbers can be used in a variety of dishes as either a vegetable or a fruit. They are very often made into pickles due to their crisp skin, can be found in cold soups, salads, and dips as they do not easily get soggy.
Persian Roots
​As its name implies, this strain of cucumber originated in Persia. Because of its luscious flavor, the Persian cucumber is a great way to enhance any dish. It is versatile enough to be used as either a fruit or vegetable, or even for pickling. Persian cucumbers can also be commonly found in Asian and Turkish salads, and as the main ingredient in Tzatziki, a Mediterranean yogurt sauce.
Sweet & Seedless!
Their skins are completely edible, and thus require no peeling. Persian cucumbers are seedless, and because cucumber seeds occasionally cause people to burp, Persian cucumbers are sometimes referred to as "burpless" cucumber.  
Perfect for Consumers Making Healthy Choices!

• Low in Fat (0.11 grams)
• No Cholesterol
• Only 15 calories per 100 gram serving
• Rich source of vitamin A, C & K
• Full of minerals, iron & calcium

• Provides hydration
• Anti-inflammatory

• Helps reduce inflammation
• Rich in antioxidants
• High in beta-carotene

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Our cucumbers can bring vitality to your kitchen in a number of ways.
​REJUVENATE your water with sweet and refreshing United With Earth Persian Cucumber slices. 
Persian Powerhouse
United With Earth Persian Cucumbers are very low in fat (0.11 grams), contain no cholesterol and are only 15 calories per 100 gram serving. They also contain vitamins A, C, and K, and the minerals iron and calcium. 
Our Persian Cucumber Products
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​Mission Figs, California Golden Figs, & Persian Cucumbers. 
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