Updated: Feb 10

The Holidays are fast approaching and what better way to begin an intimate celebration with close family, than with a beautiful cheese board using United With Earth products. All you need is a little help from Celebrity Chef, Penny Davidi, and before you know it, you'll have a beautiful Cheese Board that will impress everyone! And you can take all the credit! We've made it a little easier by making a grocery list for you! Take a screenshot and head to the grocery store! #UnitedWithEarth Shopping List: United With Earth Medjool Dates United with Earth Mission Figs United With Earth California Figs United With Earth Coconut Date Rolls United With Earth Almond Date Rolls Marcona Almonds Boursin Cheese Blue Cheese or Goat Cheese ​Garlic & Herb Marinated Olives Grapes Fig Jam 2 or 3 of your favorite brands of Crackers Garnish with Mint or Fig Leaves You can find United With Earth products online at or use our date locator! With Love, Penny Davidi

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