Updated: Feb 10

I’m sharing with you one of my favorite appetizers! You’ve seen Avocado Toast & Ricotta Toast... well here is my Labne Toast! That’s right, delicious Labne (cheese/yogurt) topped with braised Medjool Dates by United With Earth. This sweet & savory combination is the perfect way to start any meal, especially when paired with a chilled glass of Rosé! Cheers!

Shopping List:

United With Earth Medjool Dates


Bread of your choice

Fig Glaze

Fresh Mint

Sesame Seeds

Porcini Mushrooms

Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon of Butter


-Toast your favorite Bread

-Spread on the Labne, and top with Salt & Pepper

-Top off with your braised Mushrooms & Dates in Butter

-Add some Olive Oil to the top, along with fresh Mint

-Add Sesame Seeds for added texture

​-ENJOY with a glass of chilled wine!

With Love, Penny Davidi

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